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Old 25-09-13, 08:30 AM
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Default Change in the Order of the Forums

Hi all,
maybe you did notice, that we moved the section for "Deep-sea" ships to the bottom, in order not to interfere with the Coastal Shipping section, which is and will always be the main topic of our site.
But as some members enjoy other ships too and always had been allowed to post on this Coasters forum - remember that in 2010 CR had a real big collection of ships, other than coasters - while others want to see and post only coasters, we thought that the best way to solve our "dilemma" and avoid discussion about the "inappropriate" threads in a Coaster Shipping Forum, which we had so often in the past.
Now, if one doesn`t want to see the content of the "other" ship section, they only have to click on the icon of the 2 arrows in the blue circle on the right side if the toolbar of the Forum section and it will be hidden. Only problem is the review of the last 24 images posted and the "New Post"...but guess that there is no solution for it and we don`t believe that some one want this to dissappear

We wish you and your families all the best and take care
Kind regards
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