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Old 26-07-18, 07:34 AM
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Default Modern Coasters

It may well be an age thing but I increasingly find I have little interest in details and photographs of modern, boxlike, sea/river type vessels. Coasters "Remembered" for me is pure nostalgia and takes me back to my early days at sea and later piloting hundreds of British and Continental small coasting vessels. They were a class apart and I formed great affection for many of them, their owners and skippers. Their time is gone for sure but the "memory" will not pass so easily. I find the modern boxes frankly boring. Everyone to their own-just saying.
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Old 27-07-18, 07:27 AM
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Default Modern Coasters

Well said canalsider, this is one of the reasons that I`m trying everything keeping Coasters-remembered "afloat" still hoping that people realize that Facebook & Co isn`t a better resolution, compared to our maritime forums, but killing a lot of us

Some old coasters are still trading in our waters, but a lot of the others are gone now, wether to the breakers or in other parts of the world
Tschüss and all the best
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