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Norman Hardaker 25-08-16 07:41 PM

P 64
Understand the first steel cut on Monday 22nd August delivery 2018 will send usual photies in due course.

Dohville 14-09-16 04:18 PM

Good news for Appledore and the Irish NS.

Norman Hardaker 02-03-17 11:43 AM

Heard that this vessel is to be named LE George Bernard Shaw the keel was laid on Monday 27th no launch date as yet.

Dohville 07-03-17 11:46 PM

Photos on the Irish NS facebok page show that many of the hull sections are at quite an advanced stage of prefabrication. Indeed the shed seems to be full of assorted hull bits.

Norman Hardaker 30-01-18 07:38 AM

LE George Bernard Shaw
Heard yesterday the vessel will be floated out of the building shed on 2nd March at 06.00 hrs will be there photies will follow.

Norman Hardaker 23-02-18 07:34 AM

LE George Bernard Shaw
Learnt yesterday evening float out will now take place on 2nd March HW 18.23 hrs

Dierk Bauer 23-02-18 07:57 AM

Hi Norman, guess you`re not upset about the delay ;)

Norman Hardaker 25-02-18 11:40 AM

LE George Bernard Shaw
Does not make any difference Dierk being an ex Boarding Clerk so use to being out at any time of the day or night. Received a call on Thursday a lady who works in the local supermarket her husband hopefully taking in on a tour of the shipyard prior to the launch hope they will allow me to take photies.

Norman Hardaker 03-03-18 08:32 AM

Le George Bernard Shaw
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The above vessel floated out from the building shed this morning in secret.

Dohville 03-03-18 08:29 PM

Great Photo Norman, hope the conditions were kind to you.

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