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Norman Hardaker 09-10-18 07:40 AM

Le George Bernard Shaw
She left yesterday morning at 06.05 hrs presently anchored of Ilfracombe lets hope everything ok this time no photies will keep an eye on the situation.

Dohville 11-10-18 07:37 PM

P64 Just approaching the Cork Coast. And so the Appledore episode ends, for now. Six fine ships, better than anything seen before in terms of crew comfort. The RN followed their lead. No more mess decks. No more sharing a cabin with 20 others.

Norman Hardaker 12-10-18 06:14 PM

Le George Bernard Shaw
Do you know when the Navy accepted her have not been able to track due eye operation having trouble even writing this .

Dohville 16-10-18 07:51 PM

Thursday Morning. Soon after she was off at full welly (24Kn) accross the Irish Sea, arriving at cork Harbour at about 1900hrs.
In coming weeks her main armament will be fitted. Her workups should take a year at least, befre she could be called fully operational.

Dohville 06-05-19 02:42 PM

P64 Was commissioned last week, In Waterford port, under horrible weather conditions.
Thus ends the OPV replacement program.
Next up, A large vessel which will be capable of operating helicopters, and carrying mission specific cargo, to replace the last ship built in the Republic of Ireland, L.E. Eithne.
It will be similar in function to the RNZNS Canterbury, but unlike that vessel not based on a Ferry design.

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