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Dierk Bauer 05-02-19 10:02 AM

Intended change on CR
Dear members, in order to "justify" our Name "Coasters-remembered", we would like to change/divide our coasters-section in two new categories/groups, one named "Historical Coasters" and the other "Coasters of today".

We would like your opinion and suggestions, before starting this huge task.
Please bear in mind that it will take some time, due to my various other task, like managing the old steamtug TIGER in the port of Hamburg and having my part-time job, driving around parts of Hamburg with the beloved electric "London Taxi"

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Tschüss and all the best

Leslie Spurling 05-02-19 12:27 PM

Good idea Dierk!

What qualifies a ship as being historical - no longer in existence or no longer known under that name? A problem that I can foresee is to have a mechanism to change the status from active to historical as time moves on. Personally, I have minimal interest in current ships which are covered elsewhere on the internet; especially the floating shoeboxes with low air draught.


Derek 05-02-19 09:01 PM

Hi Dierk,

Where to draw the line is going to be the biggest problem. Also as Leslie says as time goes on current coasters will become historical. Perhaps the line can be drawn at 1980. The older section could just be titled Coasters built before 1980 and those afterwards of course Coasters built after 1980. Further shuffling would not then be required. Its only an opinion, you may want to draw the line elsewhere earlier or later than 1980.

best regards

canalsider 05-02-19 10:14 PM

Intended change on CR
I guess 1980 is a good cut off point. Like Leslie, I have zero interest in the pictures of Rhine boxes and small container ships currently being offered up.
We have to remember why this site was set up in the first place. Tough job Dierk and I wish I could be of assistance. Tschuss.

Dierk Bauer 07-02-19 06:54 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Good evening all :hello:

Am off for bed soon, getting up at 3am tomorrow morning :eek:

like to show you the conservation in our Facebookgroup, would like to hear your opinion regarding the intended titles for the change. I can change it, if we find a better one later, would be no problem

Wishing you all the best

I made screenshots, in order to show you the content ;)

Dierk Bauer 09-02-19 08:30 AM

Good morning all, did spend some time with the change.
Guess it will be easier shifting the vessels built from 1990 onwards to their new berths, than vice versa. Did move one Forum to the Categorie "This and that".

As I`ve mentioned before, everything can be improved,. titles or place for the different subjects ;)

Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Tschüss and all the best

Leslie Spurling 09-02-19 09:50 AM

Like it all, Dierk.

Your hand is on the tiller with this one - I see no need to argue over any minor points that may arise.


Dierk Bauer 09-02-19 05:00 PM

Good afternoon, canalsider, Derek, Leslie and everybody who`s interested :hello:

I heeded canalsiders suggestion, drawing the line with the year 1980

Thank you very much for all your efforts, am keeping my fingers crossed, that our efforts will help CR to becoming a Forum again, instead of degrading to a mere Database :eek:

Tschüss and all the best

Dierk Bauer 10-02-19 08:50 PM

Good evening all,

hope it is oklay like this, did spend all day on it, but it will be easier now, not so many ships in the other categories ;)

Tschüss and all the best

Dierk Bauer 15-02-19 11:43 AM

Good afternoon dear members,

just a thought....would like your opinion ;)

Should we transfer Dredger, Ferries, Tugs (and Supply vessels) as well as

Miscellaneous Vessels to the section "Other Vessels - Not Only For Coastal

Shipping Enthusiasts" ??

Created new Categories for them in this section, but would like to know if you would like to have it this way ;)

Thank you very much in advance

Tschüss and all the best

Leslie Spurling 15-02-19 03:48 PM

Fine by me, Dierk.

Dierk Bauer 17-02-19 09:51 AM

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Good morning from Hamburg,

this could be the final outlook of the Coasters categories section, if you like it, we can keep it as it is ;)

The content of "Miscellaneous Vessels" still to be searched for Coasters, like Cement carriers etc, who belong in the Coasters categories, but will take some time, as well as looking for ships without data/histories...or wrong ones :eek: and missing IDNo/IMO ....guess it could take years, but always enjoy playing "Ship P.I." like many other friends ;)

Tschüss and all the best

Did post the new screenshot in our FB-group....

Dierk Bauer 21-02-19 03:23 AM

Good morning from Hamburg,

I would like to know, if the outlook of the Welcome/Index page of our Forum is okay for you. If you like; I can transfer a Forum, like "Postings of the Good old days" and/or others into the "Rock-dodgers" section,

If you are interested only in some sections, please note, that you can hide all others by clicking on the encircled two arrows in the blue toolbars. You can kind like "customsize" your "Coasters-remembered" Forum.

This setting will be shown at every visit.

The outlook of Coasters-remembered in the old days can be called up by clicking here:

Tschüss and all the best

If you hide the "Last Posts" and "Latest 24 Photos", every new posting in the sections are marked, enabling them to be found easier ;)

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