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Norman Hardaker 19-08-18 07:26 AM

Have not had any news but understand she may have had gearbox trouble on first trials everybody being very quiet.when the next trials taking place.

Dohville 03-09-18 09:59 PM

I'm hearing Acceptance trials penned for 23rd Sept or thereabouts, when Spring tides are due.

Norman Hardaker 09-09-18 07:28 AM

LE George Bernard Shaw
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Have heard she may be going on 2 nd trial tomorrow but not confirmed,

Norman Hardaker 14-09-18 07:31 AM

Have heard vessel will be sailing again on next spring tide period on the 23rs after having her gearbox replaced.:ciao:

Dohville 24-09-18 06:29 PM

George Bernard Shaw just departed Appledore on acceptance trials.

Norman Hardaker 25-09-18 07:25 AM

LE George Bernard Shaw
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She sailed yesterday evening about 18.00 hrs don't know if she is coming back or proceeding direct to be home base.:boring:

Dohville 25-09-18 06:31 PM

Depends on whether she is flying a Red Duster from the stern or not.

Norman Hardaker 27-09-18 07:45 AM

Le George Bernard Shaw
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Arrived back yesterday evening a few photies attached

Norman Hardaker 05-10-18 07:30 AM

Le George Bernard Shaw
Have heard the vessel will be leaving Appledore again on pm tide 8th.

Dohville 06-10-18 09:08 AM

Thank you. Her ais was powered down until late last week.
I see there are fears for the future of Babcock's Appledore yard,(again) now that work on this ship has completed, and there are no further orders on their books, as they failed to secure contracts for a Maltese OPV order.
The only hope now is that Babcock will be successful in the Type 31e project. In the meantime, Appledore workers are commuting to Devonport for work.

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