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Good morning from Hamburg,

I would like to know, if the outlook of the Welcome/Index page of our Forum is okay for you. If you like; I can transfer a Forum, like "Postings of the Good old days" and/or others into the "Rock-dodgers" section,

If you are interested only in some sections, please note, that you can hide all others by clicking on the encircled two arrows in the blue toolbars. You can kind like "customsize" your "Coasters-remembered" Forum.

This setting will be shown at every visit.

The outlook of Coasters-remembered in the old days can be called up by clicking here:

Tschüss and all the best

If you hide the "Last Posts" and "Latest 24 Photos", every new posting in the sections are marked, enabling them to be found easier
Tschüss and all the best
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