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Hi Peter,

I didn't know that she was nicknamed the "black pig" but the photos that I have seen of her confirm that. The skipper must have got a job lot from some paint firm who wanted to get rid of it. It saved a lot of soojing I suppose. I never came across her again after my little time on her in 1950 until the late 70's when I saw her coming out of the locks in Calais covered in white dust, obviously she had just discharged China clay. I was working on the ferries by then.
I think the reason for all the China clay cargoes was that the skipper lived nearby the clay ports and it gave him a chance to get home. She lasted for 38 years according to Miramar, not bad for an old Chant. She must have been well looked after even though she was an ugly looking ship.
The skipper was a character, he had a hole cut in the ships side by way of the saloon (mess room) to get a piano in there. He loved a singsong being a Welshman. He also had a small garage on the foredeck to keep his little car in, I think it was one of those 3 wheelers. It had a lid on it which was well battened down.

As regards going deep sea, I spent longer on some coasters without getting home than some deep sea trips that I did. For example Manchester Liners. Manchester/Montreal/Manchester = 1 month.
Robertsons of Glasgow. Casablanca/Whitehaven, Llandulas/Norway backwards and forwards= 4 months. I loved it though.


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