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Originally Posted by Dierk Bauer View Post
Good morning canalsider,
I created an avatar for you. did use the photo of ROLF BEHRMANN (copyright Peter Schliefke), if you prefer another one, can exchange it for you. Still don`t know why putting in Avatars isn`t possible for members, seems that this is the only way of doing it now.
Am sorry, but don`t know much of the vBulletin system, only how to create forums, categories and threads. Volunteered doing it in order to revive CR after the big crash. Rick and Peter did coach me, as well as Robbie, who recreated the "technical" workings of CR.

Wish you and your loved ones all the best and take care
Tschüss Dierk

Am able to create Avatars for other members too, only need a image, which I`ve to resize to 80x80 pixels or less than 20 kb. Uploading the Avatar is being done via Admin Conrol Panel Dierk
Thanks very much Dierk. The old Rolf Behrmann will do for now. If I should want to change it later, I'll send you the pic.
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