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Old 30-10-12, 10:17 AM
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Default Threads pr shipname or pr ship and a new group for our Coastal tankers

Threads pr shipname or pr ship and a new group for our Caostal tankers


Hi, I wrote these lines at first in our chat-room, but because it´s for small-talk, then I also place these words here. I did not know where else to put my questions and the suggestions I have...
Hope it`s OK.?

Dierk, do you want a new thread for each name that a ship has been named during her active life...? OR do you you want one thread for the life-time on each ship and then put the different names of this ships history in that file as replies in that file?
Hope you understand my ....
My own "Feeling" for a rule regarding that, is that I think, that each name of a ship shoul have one thread and then we add replies regarding that shipname only in that thread as long as a particular shipname has the same IMO/ID/MMSI-number also.
And as long as we have the rule to have the IMO-number in the title of each thread/and/or in the titles of each replies we make we will be able to find each posted thread and reply concerning a shipname and/or IMO-number. Let me know what the leaders of our site want´s to do things.

I also would like to have a special group for all the beautyful coastal tankers that were build at the same sizes and looks as the coasters in the good old days. Otherwise theese small tankers will get lost in the big group with all the other types and sizes of tankers. All the small tankers looks like coasters and if we want to let people know that we love the coasters then we should make it easy for our members to find also the small tankers that were built in the same decades as the dry-cargo/coasters... All the small coastal tankers should not get lost during all other types and sizes of tankers built through history... What do all of you think of my suggestions and remarks? Hope you react.

Hope you all know what I tried to ask and explain about, otherwise I hope you will ask me to try again...
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Old 31-10-12, 09:10 PM
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Default Threads ........

Good evening Kent, thanks for your suggestions

We did add the section for the Coastal Tankers in the meantime, as they are a very important part of the Coastal Shipping.

Re the handling of posting a thread with each shipname or only one thread for each ship, thread title of the Maiden name and IMO/Id number, guess it is a decision of our members. As the site is for OUR members, they should decide what is best in their interest. But if postings are being done in either way,we`ll not going to refuse or delete it, because the rules says otherwise
We`ll move these postings into their correct places, leaving an explanation and redirect note, in order that one don`t get the impression that the particular posting was lost or even deleted. I wouldn`t call it rules, like the rules for posting e.g. copyright, but guidelines, which hopefully help our members when they want to post. It would not be in our interest if postings are not being done, because the IMO No or Maiden name isn`t known, but I hope that I pointed it out in my posting in the Section "Site Information"

Well, at least hope that nobody sees in myself one who "enforce" law and order, but a fellow member who is trying to help if possible
Thank you very much in taking your time to tell us your thoughts and suggestion

Wish you all the best
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