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Old 10-03-24, 02:19 PM
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Default Posting of bigger images

Good morning from sunny, but cold Hamburg, wishing all members and friends a pleasant Sunday.

Posted this on in our Facebook-Group too

Please note, that the photo upload system of our Forum is now accepting images of all sizes, so no longer downsizing of images prior to posting needed. Your photos will remain on the site as long is CR is alive and kicking, no image uploading company involved, which is demanding payment after a certain time or amout of data 🙂
I wasn`t informed about this great change, found out while accidentially upoading the original image ...
Maybe this will convince some members of our FB-group to post on CR too, helping us to keep it alive and interesting, not to be used as Data base solely.
Our dear friends Rick, Pete and many others, who crossed the Bar way to early, who put so much time, effort and "Herzblut" (Heart and Soul) into "their" Forum, would be happy to see it going on forever ...
Thank you very much for your attention, wishing you all the best and lots of HEALTH
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Tschüss and all the best
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